Initial responses to Twelve Monkeys
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Notes for re-watch of Twelve Monkeys

Here is what I have from my notes and the Post-Film Writing:

  • Cole's dream/memory.
  • Parallel shots and recurring images (sounds) in different settings.
  • Use of props as markers of time-space.
  • Use of canted or "Dutch" angles.
  • Landscapes (setting, architecture, decor) in "past" and "present."
  • Scene from Vertigo.


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Josh Riddell

I found the landscapes to be interesting when crossing between the past, current, and the future. I enjoyed how the director used preps and decor to give the viewer a sense of connection to what present time they are in during the movie. I think this movie was easier for me to differentiate if they are in the past, present or future.

Jose Hernandez

it was hard for me to keep track of Coles memory in the film, the only memory I can think of is of him as a child in the airport. at the second rewatch I will confuse on Coles other memories and try to make connection with them in the film. I Also like the use of props to differentiate the difference between the past and the future. Clothing, technology and darkness shaped the future and the past was very 1990's with its decor and props.


I think the main thing I am going to focus on in the rewatch of the film is trying to figure out all of Coles memories and seeing how they all connect.

Jessica Brown

In the re-watch I would also like to pay closer attention to the scenes when Kathryn and James are hoping that they are crazy. It's interesting to me that the idea that they are making it all up is more appealing to them than reality.

Elida Cabrera

During the re-watch I did pay more attention to the parallel shots and the recurring images in the different settings that I did not notice the first time watching the film.

Kevin Smith

On the rewatch, the thing that I noticed the most was the use of decor. The usage of old technology in the future was particularly interesting, especially when thinking about how quickly they had to retreat underground

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